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About KaribeShop

KaribeShop proudly originates from the heart of Saint Lucia, a vibrant gem in the Caribbean. Karibshop is a subsidiary brand under Solu Connect Caribbean. Founded by Craige Hardel with a profound love for the region's rich culture, our journey began with the aim of curating a collection that transcends conventional clothing—a celebration of lifestyle, events, and personal expression.

Our Core Values

Guided by an unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity, our core values are rooted in the spirit of the Caribbean. We champion inclusivity, celebrate diversity, and offer products that instill pride in our customers through meticulously crafted designs.

Our Mission

At KaribeShop, we empower you to showcase your unique style and Caribbean pride. Each design is born from the question: What do you love, and how do you want to express it? Our diverse range of products spans fashion, home decor, and event templates, resonating with your passions.

Crafting Unique Experiences

What distinguishes our products is the personal touch infused into each design. Whether you're a Caribbean Explorer, a Fitness Enthusiast, or deeply connected to Caribbean culture, our products are crafted to bring a smile. We print each design on-demand, ensuring your style remains fresh, unique, and aligned with what you love.

Our Team

The force driving KaribeShop is a team of passionate professionals committed to delivering the best. We share a dedication to customer happiness and take pride in curating a collection that deeply resonates with our community.

Our focus remains on serving the Caribbean community, diaspora, travelers, and all those who adore the Caribbean. Your support allows us to continue celebrating the region through our products.

Location and Shipping

As a Saint Lucian company, our commitment is to our local roots. However since we prioritize efficient and scalable production, our products are manufactured and shipped from the US. This commitment extends to our shipping process, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable KaribeShop experience.

Explore the Caribbean Lifestyle

Click here to browse our products and embark on a journey where Caribbean pride meets modern trends. Join us in expressing your unique style, celebrating culture, and making a statement with every purchase. KaribeShop – Your Passport to Caribbean Style and Beyond.

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